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Our Plans

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We offer a variety of different plans to meet the needs of our clients. Our plans started as a common request from our clients. "After we launch my new site, I'd love to have your help updating it!" and "I know how to add photos and text in the Wix editor but I need your expertise to make it look nice!" were things we'd hear all the time. So we decided to deliver on these requests with our new line up of plans.

All of our plans are paid month to month with no contract and no cancellation fees. Let's go over what each plan offers.

The Guidance Plan - $45/mo

The Guidance plan is our most simple and affordable plan. Our Guidance plan is perfect for those who are capable of making their own edits and updates to their site, but occasionally need advice or help from a Wix professional like us. This plan offers tips and suggestions for your site and support by email, phone or chat.