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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

We offer a variety of different plans to meet the needs of our clients. Our plans started as a common request from our clients. "After we launch my new site, I'd love to have your help updating it!" and "I know how to add photos and text in the Wix editor but I need your expertise to make it look nice!" were things we'd hear all the time. So we decided to deliver on these requests with our new line up of plans.

All of our plans are paid month to month with no contract and no cancellation fees. Let's go over what each plan offers.

The Guidance Plan - $45/mo

The Guidance plan is our most simple and affordable plan. Our Guidance plan is perfect for those who are capable of making their own edits and updates to their site, but occasionally need advice or help from a Wix professional like us. This plan offers tips and suggestions for your site and support by email, phone or chat.

An Example of this Solution

John runs a bike shop and has us create a new website on Wix. When the site is finished John is able to make his own updates to the site. He is pretty comfortable in the Wix editor and gets the hang of it, even though he's not a designer. John wants to run a sale for the upcoming holiday weekend but isn't sure how to set it up in Wix. He sends a message to ask for help. We get back to him with instructions on how to add the sale, as well as a couple of tips on how to make the sale look good on his site. John is able to make these changes himself and can reach out again if he gets stuck on something along the way.

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The Maintenance Plan - $85/mo

The Maintenance plan is the most popular plan among our clients. With the Maintenance plan you can request additions or updates to your site whenever needed. This plan also includes updates for apps on your Wix site like Bookings, Online Stores, Blogs, Podcasts and more.

An Example of this Solution

We previously created a site for Jasmine, a blogger who posts videos to her site and Youtube. Jasmine is starting a new Podcast and wants to sell merch for the new show. She calls us and tells us about the updates she has in mind. She sends us some more info, new photos and graphics. We add a new Podcast page to her site and link up her social media. We also add a store to her site to sell merch and upgrade her Wix premium to support all the new changes. Our designers take care of everything so Jasmine doesn't have to worry about it and can focus on her next video.

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The Marketing Plan - $135/mo

The Marketing plan helps drive traffic to your site. This plan includes getting your site registered on Google and running ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You have the ability to set your own ad budgets, target audience and can monitor the ad campaign performance using statistics.

An Example of this Solution

Alex sells t-shirts from his Wix site and wants to promote sales online. He has paid Facebook to 'boost posts' in the past but didn't see a change in sales. So instead he signs up for our Marketing plan. With our Marketing plan we can curate the perfect ad campaign for Alex's online store. Ad campaigns work differently and more effectively than 'boost posts'. Alex knows that most of customers are local and are young adults. So we target the ad specifically for people his area between the ages of 18-40 to maximize the effectiveness of his budget. Alex can check on the campaign status and performance right from his Wix dashboard so we can make adjustments to the campaign if needed.

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The Social Media Plan - $185/mo

The Social Media plan allows you to step away from the hassle of running social media accounts so you can focus on your business. Our Social Media plan will automate and optimize your social media accounts so that searching for the right hashtags and forgetting to post are a thing of the past. With this plan we can schedule posts ahead of time, track engagement, and see how your posts are preforming.

An Example of this Solution

Mary runs a bakery with online ordering and posts photos of her latest cakes and treats. Unfortunately, she's often too busy baking to remember to post, and she never knows what to say in the captions. She knows social media is a great business tool but feels like she's not getting the most out of it. Mary signs up for our Social Media plan and is so relieved of the burden! Instead of going through the trouble of constantly posting, she just sends photos to us. We schedule her posts days or even weeks ahead of time with great captions that promote her business and use the best hashtags to drive engagement. She can see reports of her page's performance and we work with her on new ways to boost sales through her posts.

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