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Project Timelines

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Once you've approved a quote and made your deposit it's time to establish a timeline for your project. These are the steps it will take to launch your site. We ask that all our clients read through this article to ensure they have a good understanding of the process. It will make all the difference in knowing what the expect during the creation of your site!

Set a Launch Date

You and your designer will plan an estimated launch date that is appropriate for your site, but also realistic. Keep in mind that Semi-custom designs, redesigns, and revamps typically take 1-2 weeks to complete. While Fully-custom designs, advanced sites, and online stores typically take 4-6 weeks to complete. Also keep in mind that these are just estimates and your site may be ready to launch sooner or later than expected depending on the timeliness of the other steps in your timeline. It's important to recognize that launching a website is not an easy task and it may take time to work through the process. The last thing you want is to rush into a launch and have trouble with your new site shortly after.

Content Collection

You can't have a site without great content! This is the first and one of the most crucial steps of the process. During this content collection window, you will deliver to us images, text, videos, contact info, reference sites and more. It's very important to meet the content deadline. Anything that needs to go on your site must be sent to us during this time to ensure it can be put on the live site. Any content that is delivered to us after the content deadline may not be able to be added to the site, or it may delay your site's launch.

Content collection is typically done using cloud storage. Google Drive is our preferred method, its superior to emailing files because unlike email they don't have strict storage limits and allow us to make adjustments to files. This will allow you to drag & drop to upload content into your own project folder. Your designer and you can share files as necessary until all content has been shared and is ready to be added to your site.

Site Transfer

If you are having a new site created this step will not apply to you.

If you already have a Wix site (e.g. If you're having a site redesign, revamp, or have already started creating a site.) your site will need to be transferred to your designer during this step. This can be done in your Wix Dashboard. This is necessary before we can begin working on your site. Contributor access (including Admin) is not sufficient for your designer to access the appropriate settings while building your site. A site transfer is needed in order to setup your Wix Premium plan, payments, bookings, videos, domains, SEO and much more. Most of our client's prefer that we keep their site connected to our Wix account. The biggest benefit is that we can often offer Partner discounts to our clients on Wix Premium plans year after year. And don't worry, when your site is connected to our Partner account you will not lose access to your site.

Site Build

This is everyone's favorite step, your site is now being built! During this time your designer will be making your site look and function the way you want. The content you provided during the content collection window will be added to your site and laid out according to your design. There isn't always a lot for you to do during this step, but your designer will be hard at work and give you updates on the status of your build. If anything additional is needed from you site your designer will let you know.


When your site is finished being built and your content is all laid out your designer will send you a preview link to your new site. This preview link will also function as a feedback tool for you to send to the designer. As you navigate through your site you can click on images, text, and any other elements of the site to leave comments on them. This is a very streamlined and convenient way for your designer to know exactly what part of your site you're talking about and to make the appropriate revisions.

It's important that you thoroughly sift through your site and list all the revisions you think are necessary to make your site perfect. Click around to make sure that links and buttons work the way that they are supposed to. Take a close look at the colors, fonts, layout, and each of the pages to ensure that nothing is left unwanted. And as a tip, don't be afraid to be specific and descriptive in your comments, your designer will be happy you did!


Once we have received your comments in the feedback step we will begin to make our revisions. During this step your designer will thoroughly revisit your site and make all of your recommended revisions to prepare your site for launch.


The excitement is likely brewing now that your site has been revised. It's now time to launch your new site! Your finished site will be published live and a domain will be attached to the site. All Wix Premium plans include a free domain for 1 year. As long as a domain is not already taken it can be added to your site. If you already have a domain with another provider (e.g. GoDaddy, Domains, 1&1, etc.) it can either be transferred to Wix or remain with that host and connected to your new site. Once your site is published and your domain is connected your site will be live online!

Post Launch

After your site is launched there are still a few things to finish up. An invoice for your remaining balance will be emailed to you and is due within two weeks of receipt. If you selected add-on services for your site like SEO or Google Registration, your designer will work on these items now. If you haven't ordered add-ons, now is a great time to get your new site out there! We also offer monthly plans for continued support and updates starting at just $45/mo.

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